[event][job] Reminder: Litl Webook demo and Processing For Designers 'think tank'

3 Dec 2009 - 3:55pm
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Boston IxDA

Reminder that we're going to meet the Litl Folks for a demo of their webook
at 6:30 at the Stata Center Cafe. Please come prepared to ask questions
about the process that went in to the product. Then those interested in
Processing can join us at the Miracle of Science around the corner once the
demo & discussion are done. We want to see if there's enough interest and
how best to proceed getting ourselves up to speed on Processing.


We've also been asked to let the community know of the following need for
senior level contractors

ISITE in the Cambridge Innovation are looking to build a bench of folks so
that when the work hits, everybody is ready to go.

They're looking for a senior people with 5+ years of UX experience (with at
least 3 years in agency) who can lead the UX portion of full-service
interactive projects. They need to be able to:
· Lead client discovery and user research
· Collaborate with a web strategist
· Design the UX for complex medium to large sites with an eye toward
how brand, copy, and visual design come together in a holistic experience
(in collaboration with a visual designer and/or copywriter)
· Transition the site designs to development and analytics
· Lead/perform usability testing

Please contact: <mcasburn at isitedesign.com>

See you tonight /bostonixda

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