Any suggestions for design training for a beginner?

7 Dec 2009 - 9:24pm
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Zhang Jieying

I¡¯m a Year 3 student in a business school. However, I want to apply
a graduate program of interaction design.

I have only a year before application and decide to learn by myself.
Some knowledge can be acquired by reading books and articles. But
I'm really confused about how to practice "design".

As far as I know, design relates painting, photography, expression of
color and material etc. I had learned painting for 6 years, 2 years
for sketch. But I haven¡¯t painted for 8 years.

So for me to start painting again or have some practice of design, do
you have any suggestions?


8 Dec 2009 - 10:02am

Honestly, I'd focus more on interaction design if that's what you
want to do. Painting and drawing are great, but you'll benefit from
the study of how all of that translates to the web more.

Here is a suggestion - take a look at the program to which you are
applying for graduate school. See what types of "design" they
employ in your core classes. Then, focus on those techniques. I'd
look for some books that are about good design for the web, look at
print design - layout etc, and look at some stuff on flash. All of
that will help. I also find hand sketching of websites as I work on
them to be a valuable skill.

Design is a tricky notion... here are some books you might want to
check out as well:

Recommend this one:

Highly Recommend this one:

Never Read this one, but it looks interesting :

Lastly, I'd say get a really good handle (at least be comfortable
understanding the part they play in the web design world) on things
like CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Photoshop and program you can use to
model out interactions and wireframes like Visio, Illustrator,
Omnigraffle or the like.

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