JOB: Lead Interaction Designer/Portland, Oregon/Second Story Interactive Studios/Full Time

7 Dec 2009 - 12:09pm
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Shane Farrell

Lead Interaction Designer

Second Story seeks an experienced interaction designer or design
director to lead the creative execution of innovative

interactive media projects. The lead designer is a visionary thinker, an
innovator, and a natural leader with a proven

understanding of interactive technologies and storytelling techniques.

As a core part of a project team, the lead designer will define the
projects' creative trajectory, including early strategy

and concept development, and will create documentation that defines and
articulates the experience design through

to execution of visual design and overseeing design production. The lead
designer must be:

* An effective communicator that successfully cultivates ongoing
relationships with clients, extensive

ongoing collaborations with other designers, producers, developers,
engineers, fabricators, and contractors,

and effectively leads production artists and junior designers.

* Proficient in diverse interactive formats ranging from mobile to
online applications and Web

experiences to kiosks and site-specific installations; the lead designer
must have a penchant for expanding

interactive media into new frontiers beyond traditional inputs, screens,
and interfaces.

* A passionate storyteller whose command of interactive media elicits
strong emotional, intellectual, and

inspirational reactions that reward diverse audiences. The lead designer
exploits multimedia to engage the

senses in experiences that connect their audience to interpretive and
editorial content.

* A critical thinker that can immerse themselves in complicated
challenges, juggling content complexities,

technology, and physical installation considerations, as well as client
expectations and budget/schedule

parameters, to author compelling concepts that define a strategic vision
for their projects.

* A calculating experience architect that can orchestrate complex
information, vast collections, layered

stories, and diverse ideas into innovative yet intuitive content
frameworks comprised of empowering


* A dazzling visual artist whose command of typography, graphic design,
color, and motion (bonus for

physical design) establishes the emotional tenor of a project, paints
the complexion of its interfaces, and

brings clarity to complexity.

* A playful experimenter whose inventive exploration reveals realms of
possibilities in the concepts they


* A practical, pragmatic innovator whose solutions elicit responses that
justify the effort and expense

invested in their execution.

* A self-directed leader whose organization, project management, and
communication inspire confidence.

This is an exceptional opportunity for a rewarding career to inform,
inspire, educate, enchant, and entertain-as

opposed to brand, market, and sell to-audiences through diverse projects
for significant and influential cultural

institutions. This position is located in Portland, Oregon, with a very
competitive, comprehensive salary and a

benefits package that includes medical, dental, disability,
employer-contributed 401(k), and professional development

funds. Please send your resume and your portfolio to
careers at

Since 1994, Second Story has conceived of, designed, and developed
hundreds of award-winning interactive media

experiences in diverse formats that pioneer ever more effective ways to
inspire wonder, connect audiences to ideas

and information, and 'elevate the art of storytelling.' Learn more about
the studio and experience the projects at

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