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14 Dec 2009 - 1:23am
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User Profiles for Antivirus Software UIs

Imagine that you are a lead usability researcher at a company that creates
consumer antivirus software. Your product manager has the idea coming from
market research that your company's niche should be in creating a product
that has a tailored UI for specific user profiles. For instance, those who
know little about antivirus software, and don't want to be bothered with
specific details (basic users), would see a very simple interface; whereas
those who are very interested in customization and configuration of specific
details (experts) would be presented with an interface that is very
technically rich and complex. Users would select the appropriate level for
them at installation.

The challenge is, what combination of UX research methods would best allow
us to create and modify designs for the the appropriate interfaces for say,
3-4 different classes of users? How can this research lead to specific
targeted designs in the interface?

Now, some real-world constraints.

* What methodologies would you propose given a 2 month timeline for
giving the development team specific recommendations?
* What would you do with a) a budget of $2,000? What would you do with
a budget of $20,000? You should assume a team of 2 researchers (whose salary
are covered outside of the budget).
* Finally, this is a global product. How would you address the issue
of creating a product with global appeal? You can assume that the biggest
markets are in Germany, France, the US, and India.

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