[JOB] UI Designers, Goldman Sachs, NYC - Full Time or Contract

14 Dec 2009 - 5:57pm
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Beau Gould

UI Designers, Goldman Sachs, NYC - Full Time or Contract

These positions will be 100% on-site in New York City so either local
candidates or people interested in relocating need only apply please. No
telecommuting. Thank you.

I've got a potential new client Goldman Sachs and they are possibly looking
to hire 2 regular employees and/or a few consultants. People who have
experience working with software development teams, finance or data
intensive app design.

They are looking for top-notch designers, not developers with at least 10
years of experience with a degree (preferably graduate) in human factors,
interaction design, or a related field. Technical skill is a plus but not a
requirement. The person must have experience working with development teams
and understand where they fit into the process. They must have experience
with transaction oriented applications and web sites.

These position/s aren't a 100% go yet, but if/when they do (possibly very
soon), it would be good to have these people ready to interview/start. If
you are interested and qualified, please submit your resume and related
samples to beau at open-source-staffing.com along with a paragraph or more
highlighting your relevant experience. It would be nice if you passed on
salary and/or hourly requirements when applying as well.

Thank you,
Beau J. Gould
Open Source Staffing

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