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25 Jan 2005 - 12:20am
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Soo Basu

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My team is working on a set of Personas for a certain Consumer Segment.
Our users will be a group of researchers/scientists.
The problem here is that there isn't any specific application/website that
the personas would be used for; and they should also be valid for the next
five years, if not more.

Is there anyway to figure out the granularity of data here? We can't make
them specific to a particular technology/software/application; yet they must
not be general so that the whole point of personas get lost.

- Soo

BH>To me, the single biggest risk is surely: restricting your choices by
BH>designing within your Big User's boundaries.

BH>If you design for her, as an individual, do you risk making decisions
BH>based on her existing practices, preferences, prejudices and taste,
BH>instead of the glorious What Could Be? Personas let us make design
BH>decisions based on real facts, while at the same time thinking beyond
BH>discrete instances. This is crucial to join up the solid 'grounded'
BH>foundations and the lofty celestial possibilities.

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