Announcing the IxDA Board of Directors for 2010

23 Dec 2009 - 4:45pm
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IxDA Board of D...

Dear IxDA Members,

We are very happy to announce the IxDA Board of Directors for 2010 with the
addition of four new Directors. Please join us in welcoming our incoming
Directors Nick Gould, Matt Nish-Lapidus, Kendra Shimmell, and Joe Sokohl. We
also welcome back Janna DeVylder who will be continuing for a further term.
Their term will officially begin January 1, 2010. Thank you to all of the
candidates who put themselves forth.

We look forward to their contributions to the Board and the efforts they
will catalyze for our entire community. Here are short biographies of the
new Directors:

*Janna DeVylder*

Janna DeVylder is the Director of Interactive Communication at SCAD
(Savannah College of Art and Design) in Savannah, Georgia. She manages a
multi-disciplinary team overseeing the university's websites and contributes
to how SCAD utilizes digital channels to meet its brand and communication
strategies. Prior to SCAD, Janna directed a team of interaction designers
for Arc Worldwide, a Leo Burnett company. In addition, she has led
large-scale strategy, information architecture and user experience projects
for Orbitz, McDougal Littell and Giant Step.

Janna started the IxDA local group in Chicago, then joined the IxDA Board,
serving as the Director for IxDA Local Groups and now as President. Janna
received her master's degree from the University of Chicago with an emphasis
in psychology and anthropology, and holds a Bachelor's degree with honors in
psychology from the University of Iowa.

*Nick Gould*

For the last 10 years, Nick has been CEO at Catalyst Group, a User
Experience Design and Research consultancy based in New York City. Among
other duties at Catalyst, Nick is the one who explains user experience
concepts, processes, and deliverables to (sometimes skeptical) clients and
helps them to see that caring about their end user is ultimately in their
best interests. Prior to Catalyst, Nick held Internet Strategy and Product
Development roles at Prodigy, Citigroup, Bertelsmann, and Scholastic. Before
that, he practiced corporate and securities law and was an expert at using
WordPerfect for MS-DOS.

Nick was a staff columnist at the venerable Digital Web Magazine and has
also written for TechCrunch and Silicon Alley Insider.

*Matt Nish-Lapidus*

As a designer and consultant at nForm User Experience, Matt helps clients
navigate the often unfamiliar territory of interaction design to deliver
solutions to complex problems. Matt has worked as a designer, artist,
programmer, teacher, and consultant in a number of industries, and loves
cutting across disciplines. He has been involved in design and art, both
personally and professionally, for over ten years, and holds a degree from
Ryerson University in experimental fine art.

Along with a dedicated team, Matt is a local leader for the IxDA in Toronto.
He is passionate about community building, education, and idea sharing, and
is an unabashed music nerd, bike junkie, Mac evangelist, and of course,
design geek.

*Kendra Shimmell*

Kendra is a User Experience Design Director at Lextant, a design research
consultancy in Columbus, OH. Active in the local design community as a guest
lecturer for the Department of Design at The Ohio State University (OSU), as
a local leader for the Interaction Design Association (IxDA), and as a
mentor to local design students for the Columbus chapter of the Industrial
Design Society of America (IDSA).

On the client level, Kendra aligns interdisciplinary teams around a common
goal by facilitating communication across the disciplines of marketing,
business, design, and engineering. She has established productive
partnerships with companies such as Cardinal Health, CheckFree (now part of
Fiserv), Cordis, Dell, Diebold, GE Healthcare, Hewlett-Packard, Hollister,
Hunter, Microsoft, Moen, and Nationwide Insurance.

Prior to joining
Lextant in 2004, Kendra was a User Experience Designer for Nationwide
Insurance, collaborating on client and financial management tools, as well
as the consumer facing that was ranked by Gomez in the top
three insurance sites for ease of use and over-all performance for two
consecutive years. In addition, Kendra worked on a range of consulting
projects including rich Internet applications, retail experiences, and
translation of dance choreography into multi-media, interactive

*Joe Sokohl*

For more than 18 years, Joe Sokohl has concentrated on crafting excellent
user experiences by using information architecture, interaction design, and
user research. His academic background in literature and langauges helped
frame his attention to the needs, desires, and visions of people as people.
Currently the principal and UX architect for Regular Joe Consulting, LLC, in
Richmond, VA,Joe's UX-oriented work has taken him to companies based in
Boston, MA; Hamburg, Germany; Richmond, VA; Chicago, IL; and Durham, NC.

His involvement in the wider UX community comes out in writings,
presentations, and involvement. He's been published in the SIGCHI
newsletter, <>, and STC's Intercom. He
has presented at the European Information Design Conference, the Society for
Technical Communication's international conference, the Information
Architecture Summit, and Agile, as well as regional events such as the DC IA
IxD ReDux '09. He is a cofounder of RUX
a loose organization of anyone interested in things oriented to people
interacting with (mostly digital) stuff.

Oh, and he’s been a columnist, soldier, cook, radio DJ, blues road manager,
and reporter once upon a time. His passion for motorcycling means he'll
probably show up at a conference or a client call on his Moto Guzzi Norge.
You can follow Joe at @mojoguzzi.


The number of Directors on the Board as of 2010 will be our full complement
of 9 individuals. IxDA Directors serve for staggered, 2-year terms with a
two-term limit. The 2010 Board of Directors will comprise:

Steve Baty

Janna DeVylder

Amyris Fernandez

Nick Gould

Jon Kolko

Matt Nish-Lapidus

Kendra Shimmell

Kevin Silver

Joe Sokohl


We would also like to take this opportunity to recognise the outstanding
contribution over the past two years of our outgoing Directors: Liz Bacon,
Bill DeRouchey, Nasir Barday and Jeremy Yuille. We look forward to their
continued involvement with the IxDA and our community, even as we farewell
them from the Board.

IxDA is a not-for-profit organization and is required to have a Board of
Directors, but the Board is just one component of the success of IxDA. It is
through the conference, initiatives, local groups and individual involvement
that the IxDA network thrives.

Again, please join us in extending a warm welcome to our newest Directors.

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