JOB: Front-end Engineer with UX Sensibility at SocialFeet in New York, NY

5 Jan 2010 - 8:10pm
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Michael Weiksner
2009 is a seed-funded startup in NYC that helps online
retailers drive sales through social networks. Our beta product
(called "EchoSales") prompts people to share their purchases at
checkout to Facebook and Twitter. Good bye, interruptive
advertising…hello, product referrals!

As we expand sharing to reviews, ratings, wish lists and more,
SocialFeet seeks an exceptional engineer to lead our front-end
development. We require expertise in javascript, css, html, jquery,
cross-browser compatibility, etc. Beyond these standard web tech
requirements, though, we have middleware challenges: API design,
compatibility across publishing frameworks, creating and maintaining
a library of reusable widget code. We develop robust and maintainable
code through prototyping, rapid deployment and refactoring. In short,
we require not just an html jockey but a real engineer with UX

The founding team consists of three previously successful
entrepreneurs and technologists. For our part, we will do great core
engineering, product and business development. To apply to join us,
send us your resume, links to past work, and a cover note. Please
tell us why you think that there is a good fit!


* 4-6 years of experience creating slick, fast, and engaging web
* Experience in Javascript frameworks (MooTools, prototype,
scriptaculous, jquery) & unobtrusive javascript techniques: please
share your past work with us!
* Extra-credit: Flex or other data analytics & visualization
frameworks; lean startup experience
* Be a self-starter; play well with others; have a get-it-done
mindset; focus on output, not input;


* Join as a key player on a small, ambitious team
* Set the standard pattern for sharing on engaging web sites
* Gain experience designing for the entire gamut of Social Media
Applications (Facebook, Twitter, Open Social, OAuth, etc)
* Join a hungry & promising startup which offers enough cash to
eat (and drink) and generous equity compensation

To apply, go here (preferred):

or email me at mike [at]

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