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25 Jan 2005 - 11:02pm
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Greg Petroff

Hi Suresh,

It's my Northern California Surfer upbringing. As a
child we used "OK" to mean all of the following,

I understand
I agree
Lets start something

In this context it is sort of a very lazy way to say a
greeting and start a new conversation thread, but I am
not sure I even know what it means but here is a try
at what I was feeling when I wrote it.. "Hello all
good friends who understand things"

Aplogies for not being clearer and using fuzzy
thinking. Californian's use the word "like" in
similar ways when it does not actually convey anything
because the user is to lazy to have a fully formed
thought, as in..."its like really cool.."


--- Suresh JV <sjv at> wrote:

> Gregory Petroff:
> > [the big persona]
> > Ok,
> > Anyone have an idea on how to..................
> Hi,
> I'm a UI designer from Bangalore, India.
> I'm curious about the way this discussion is started
> with the word "OK"
> Could anyone tell me the Subtleties or reasons
> behind this action. I'm more
> interested with the cultural aspects of this action.
> In my culture, and
> in the olden days of paper letters, people used to
> mark the envelope and the
> page corners with yellow color of turmeric. It used
> to symbolize the good
> news inside. Similarly, the death used to be marked
> by black color.
> I thought this was a form of interaction design in
> olden days. Are there any
> such designs in other cultures. [not restricted to
> letters] Please comment.
> Regards,
> Suresh JV.

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