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22 Jan 2010 - 5:37am
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Giridhar Chandr...


I am building a solution for a native mobile application on BrewMP and
Android platform.
The solution must be common for both BrewMP and Android platforms.

The Issue:
The user searches for a contact or a group in the search page.
The search results must be displayed in the screen.
The search results could be retrieved from local contacts, local groups,
central server contacts database or central server groups database.
(The central server is like yellow pages.)

Now I am stuck up at giving a solution to differentiate the search results
based on the categories above.

Possible solutions are

- to give filter results option like in facebook, but via tabs.
- Differentiate the results by assigning different icons to indicate
their source.

The main problem is, i must stick to Android's search and search results UI

Pl advice...


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