Help some design students in the Bay Area with field research

27 Jan 2010 - 1:26am
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I am teaching an interaction design class at Stanford and as part of the
class I am helping students set up sites for field research for their

We are still looking for people to interview who fall into the categories
listed below and I was wondering if any of you on this list might be
interested in volunteering yourself as a subject. Normally I don't solicit
subjects off this list for my projects but in this case, I thought I would
see if anyone was interested in volunteering to talk to students because I
think it's sort of fun to be interviewed by fledgling designers.

We're looking for people who fall into any ONE of the following categories:

- Have close family who lives remote from you that you communicate with on a
regular basis using phone, email, web, etc...

- Use any health-related device like a glucose monitor, blood pressure cuff,
heart rate monitor (i.e. for exercise) on a regular basis

- Have a senior living in your home (or are a senior yourself) who needs
some special assistance

The students are doing all the field interviews on Sunday, January 31 and
Monday, February 1. The students will be conducting the interviews in their
projects groups of four which will include 2 Stanford students and 2
students from Peking University in China (it's a collaborative class with
Peking U). If you can spare the time for an interview, a group of 4 VERY
enthusiastic students will come to your house and ask you some questions
about your experience with the particular subject matter.

So, if you're interested and live in the Bay Area, review the list above and
let me know if you fall into one of the categories and are available this
upcoming Sunday or Monday.



Julie Stanford
Principal, Sliced Bread Design | 650-969-0400 x706

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