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27 Jan 2010 - 8:55am
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Kristopher Kinlen

Review the position and apply online here:

Role description:
The Interaction Designer is a key member of the Product Design team.
Working with the Product Owner and using their observation skills in
a customer environment, the Interaction Designer is responsible for
developing a software design which is intuitive and compelling. In
partnership with the Visual Designer and the R&D team, the
Interaction Designer will be responsible for bringing their solutions
to market.

As one of our Interaction Designers you will be expected to carry out
research in order to understand the needs of the users, as well as
continual evaluations of your designs to ensure they appropriate.

You will be expected to research competitive and complimentary
technology offerings to identify competitive gaps and develop plans
to close them, as well as researching complimentary technology
offerings to identify opportunities for synergistic partnerships.

Reports to: Global Director, Dental Software Platforms

Role based: The Exchange-Atlanta, Georgia or Stevenage, United

Travel: PracticeWorks has business and teams in several countries
around the World. Whilst the position will be office based, in order
to gather information and work effectively with your team, a moderate
amount of travel will be required.

Hours:You will need to work with teams in multiple time-zones.
PracticeWorks operates a results driven philosophy, and recognises
that individual working hours may need to be irregular.

Experience required:

•Three years experience working as an Interaction Designer of User
Experience Professional, designing and developing software solutions

•Three years experience interacting with users, understanding their
needs and translating into product designs.
•Two year experience working in a Software Development environment
using one of the AGILE SDLC methodologies.
•Proven ability to influence cross-functional teams without formal

Key skills required:

•Communication – the ability to communicate at all levels, the role
will require the Interaction Designer to be able to communicate
effectively with their team, a peer network of stakeholders, Senior
Executives, technical resources as well as staff in other countries.

•Problem solving – the Interaction Designer will have to be able to
assimilate information from a variety of sources, and develop an
intuitive software design for meeting those needs.
•Quality – the program is the pinnacle of the software organisations
efforts. As such, the Interaction Designer must have high personal
standards and always work to deliver the very best product.
•Task Management – As a key member of the Product Design Team, the
Interaction Designer must be able to deliver to target, managing
issues and risks in a transparent and professional manner.
•Creativity – It is the job of the Interaction designer to translate
the customer needs into compelling, innovative software designs.
•Organisation – as a regulated business in many countries, all
project information and artefacts must be well managed and available.
Using the Development Framework, the Interaction Designer must ensure
that their deliverables are well managed.
•Acute observation skills - must be able to demonstrate the art of
watching and listening, as opposed to seeing and hearing.
•Comprehension - An extremely strong comprehension and understanding
of user behaviour and how it relates to UI design and of the benefits
of good usability and experience within software. Solid understanding
of market trends and software innovations
•Design - Superb information design abilities, fastidious and
efficient production and optimization habits, and impeccable problem
solving skills

Primary Responsibilities:

•Usability Research – based on the direction of the Product Owner,
and inline with the stories selected from the backlog, the
Interaction Designer should use best practices to observe users in
their environment performing those tasks.
•Interaction Design - based on the selected stories and on the
conducted usability research the Interaction designer should design
and develop software solutions that meet the need of the user and
business, in a compelling and intuitive way.
•Story development – working with the Product Owner, who will be
responsible for the Product Backlog and high-level story outlines,
the Interaction design should use their knowledge and research to
refine the Stories so that they accurately reflect the needs of the
user and the scenarios they find themselves in.
•Analyze current product range to extract best practice and user
interface styles – A key part of the role will involve reviewing our
existing product portfolio, understanding what we do well and what we
need to improve, in terms of features / functionality, workflows and
user interface designs.
•Liaise with customer base to gather information and requirements –
Ultimately the customer is the target of our efforts. NextGen
development must solve their problems and meet their requirements.
The Interaction Designer will be responsible for understanding their
needs and articulating them to the rest of the team.
•Analyze information fed back from the consultancy groups – As part
of our fact finding activities we will utilize Voice of Customer /
Consultancy groups to endeavour to understand user requirements. The
Interaction Designer must be able to consider the advice and findings
of this group when building requirements.
•Work closely with the R&D team – Although there will be many
consumers of the information produced by the Interaction Designer,
one of the key objectives of the role is to articulate the UX
requirements to the R&D team so that they can implement the correct
solution. To that end, not only will precise, accurate requirements
need to be produced, but also the Interaction Designer will need to
be able to work closely with the development group to ensure that the
team can work efficiently.
•Present information to the internal stakeholders and external
customers where necessary – It is important that the information that
the NextGen team consumes is fed back to the project stakeholders so
that they are able to comment on the direction of the project and, in
order, they remain invested. The Interaction Designer will from time
to time be expected to provide this feedback in both meeting sessions
and presentations.
•Attend regular NextGen Development meetings – As part of the core
team the Interaction Designer is expected to attend and contribute to
project meetings.

Other key responsibilities

•Be aware of technology advances – new tech changes in the dental and
IT world could mean changes in how we deliver our solutions.
Interaction Designer should always be looking out for ways to make
our solutions more beneficial to our user, extend our presence or
increase our business using new technology advances.
•Program Evangelist – as a senior member of the Product Design team
you will expected to propagate knowledge of the program and its
benefits to stakeholders and non-stakeholders alike.


Primary: Highly intuitive, attractive software
Secondary: User Experience Vision
Low-fi prototypes
Information flows
Screen mock-ups
User Interface controls and concepts

We are proud to be an EEO/AA employer M/F/D/V. We maintain a
drug-free workplace and perform pre-employment substance abuse


27 Jan 2010 - 9:15am
David Holmes

Is this role open to applications outside of the US e.g. United

kind regards


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27 Jan 2010 - 3:43pm
Kristopher Kinlen

Hi Dave,
Thanks for the interest. This specific position is looking for
someone local or willing to relocate to Atlanta. However, we will be
recruiting for the same role to work out of our Stevenage, UK office
soon. I don%u2019t know where you are located but perhaps that would
be a better fit? Feel free to send me your resume and I can keep you
in mind for that position.

-Kristopher Kinlen

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