IA Summit Preconference Tutorial -- Visio: Hands-On

27 Jan 2005 - 4:01pm
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Dan Brown

Please excuse the cross-posting...

I hope you'll join me for a thorough exploration of the Information
Architect's "nail gun," Visio. We'll go over some basic techniques,
then delve deeper into some more advanced techniques and produce
client-ready deliverables.

If you're considering taking this seminar, but have questions, please
get in touch. If you'd like to take the seminar and have specific
requests for topics to cover, I'd be happy to incorporate your

Details below! See you in Montreal!

Visio: Hands On
IA Summit Pre-Conference Seminar, Montreal, Canada
Thursday, March 3rd 2pm-6pm
Registration Fee: Early $250/Late $325

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