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1 Feb 2010 - 6:28am
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Is the term “ smart home “ only applies to those who can pay for
it? As the word “ smart home “ always incorporates to the luxury
residential projects.

The smart home have become a reality of the future and not just for
the peculiar and wealthy. Nevertheless, it is not the word that we
really are concern with. We need a bit of common sense or let us
think logical, let us think smart.

Smart people do pay more attention to its function and application.
Functions that they do require to make their life easy, as their
smart home takes care of things for them automatically.

Smart home in other terms can be defined as an enhanced living
lifestyle. In addition, as the cost of resources continues to rise
and the price of electronics continues to fall, home automation or so
a smart home will provide and prove to be even more cost effective.
This then has made life a lot more comfortable when equipped with a
smart home system.

After all these description of smart home, what does it really offers
us and its advantages in our homes?

There are various of intelligent gadgets that are available for your
home. A smart home these days become an increasingly essential
requirement and a common place home owners will benefit in.

A smart home controls all the functions in and out of the house from
a single point of management. Through the use of innovative
technology, home owners are able to turn their homes into
state-of-the-art machines that can be manipulated and monitored from
any part of the world and not just simply a statement of style and

Smart home is a smart way of living.

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