User Experience Design (UXD) course

1 Feb 2010 - 9:31am
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Michele Marut

Looks like a good introductory UX course.

The Mini-Masters in User Experience Design (UXD) teaches design
software interfaces for users seeking to efficiently and effortlessly
complete their tasks. The program is an immersive experience that
shows how and where the User Experience Design (UXD) fits in the
software process. It explains the underlying psychology and sociology
that guides user design, and demonstrates common techniques for making
an interface usable.

This course provides a solid foundation that enables participants to
deliver tangible business results including:
• Reduced development costs through early detection of usability
problems, missing requirements, inefficient procedures and
unnecessary features
• Reduced costs in training, service, and support through more
efficient designs
• Increased user productivity and success rate through elimination of
usability problems that result in failed transactions

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