JOB: Interaction Design Director : Chicago, IL - full-time

9 Feb 2010 - 6:05pm
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Fran Diamond

I have a position open for a full-time Interaction Design Director
working on a major account for Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide.

"Leo Burnett....," you're thinking to yourself. "Heard of that
place. Big, right? Lots of mainline advertising. Do they DO

The answer is YES - and our digital practice may be the deepest
darkest secret in the entire interactive community. We have 300+
full-time peeps who specialize in digital work, which includes a
practice of 20 experience design pros who specialize in either
Content Strategy or Interaction Design.

This role is a tremendous opportunity (yes a bit of corporate-speak,
forgive me) for a true evangelist of human-centered design, who can
bring religion to a team that is seeking the light. You will be
working with senior leadership to steer the direction of the digital
practice on one, possibly two MAJOR clients.

If you've been working in the trenches and need to stretch your
wings and fly, this is the position for you. I'm looking for the
usual great IxD skills, as well as the soft skills that go with
informal presentations, meetings, and thinking on your feet. Good to
have: equivalent digital agency experience.

This is an open position RIGHT NOW in Chicago. We offer relocation,
so for those of you bored with the fine weather in Miami or Phoenix,
I hope you will consider Chicago.

Come join the team - send a cover letter, resume and links/samples to
fran.diamond AT I am the hiring manager, and I will review
your material personally.

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