[JOBS] Two Positions: (1) UI / UX Designer, (2) General programmer/hacker with Front-End experience

22 Feb 2010 - 7:22pm
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Benjamin Olding

We enable people in the developing world to earn small amounts of money
using their mobile phones to complete work for corporate clients. We
presently have a live service in Kenya and plans to expand to other
markets as well. http://txteagle.com

Please read the following positions carefully. If interested, please
send a cover letter and resume to operations {at} txteagle {dotcom}.
We're looking for people who are highly skilled and have a passion for
what we're working on.

Position 1: UI / UX Designer

We are early-stage, and have a strong need for an individual with design
experience. We design interfaces for workers to process tasks. Workers
may receive text, audio, or images. A well-designed interface will
increase productivity and motivation. “Well-designed,” however, is both
a question of aesthetics as well as a question of learning/understanding
how individuals from other cultures best process work and interact with
their phones and the Internet.

Therefore, we are seeking a designer who is familiar with the process of:
• driving design decisions from data (using, for example, A/B testing)
• rapidly creating clear prototypes / mock-ups
• working in an early-stage technology start-up
• an interest in dealing with multichannel experiences (including 'dumb'
rather than 'smart' phones)

The ability to work creatively and independently is important as well.

We believe this individual will have an HCI / UI / UX / Interaction
design background, but we’re open to other backgrounds as well if they
appear well-suited for solving this problem.

Bonuses: familiarity with HTML and CSS (and “front-end” web developer
abilities in general), interest in the developing world, ability to
speak a second language fluently. A demonstrable ability to manage
others would be welcome as well.

Position 2: Programmer / hacker with Front-end Experience

In support of our UI / UX designer, we seek an individual to take
primary responsibility for our front-end implementation and
architecture. However, as we are an early-stage startup, we cannot yet
cleanly parition off front-end responsibilities from back-end issues.
Therefore, though you will be primarily responsible for front-end
implementation, we need you to have enough general Computer Science
experience to lend a hand to back-end or overall system problems if needed.

In addition to significant experience with XHTML/CSS, Javascript, and
the usual tools used to implement front-end interfaces, we would like
you to have a Computer Science degree or strong evidence of good
familiarity with computer science concepts.

Bonuses: (1) some experience dealing with: secure sessions-based web
applications; working with the MVC framework; administering and
programming on a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, python/php/ruby); (2)
experience programming in java; (3) experience writing secure web/mobile
applications; (4) interest in the developing world; ability to speak a
second language fluently.

Company Description

txteagle is an early stage company that is revolutionizing the world of
outsourcing by providing a mobile crowdsourcing service. Founded by
former MIT faculty member Dr. Nathan Eagle and Dr. Ben Olding from
Harvard’s Statistics Department, txteagle is on track to becoming the
largest employer in Kenya and has large corporate clients including
Nokia and Google. The company has raised their first round of funding
from top-tier investors that include Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures and Esther Dyson.

For more information, please visit our website: http://txteagle.com

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