Ovo Solo: New Usability Testing Tool From Ovo Studios

22 Feb 2010 - 9:03pm
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Rich Gunther

***Note: this is our one allowed advertisement for this product, in
line with IXDA policies***

Ovo Solo: A low-cost usability testing tool that’s big on features.

Ovo Studios is excited to announce the release of Ovo Solo. Built on
our enterprise Ovo Logger framework, Ovo Solo gives you the powerful
recording and analysis you’ve come to expect from Ovo at a fraction
of the cost of comparable solutions. Features include:

- Set up, deploy and analyze your study data on a single computer
- Create and deploy unlimited questionnaires including SUS, USE and
- Recording screen, face, and voice using Windows Media Encoding. No
proprietary codecs or players required for playback.
- Track time on task and task success, log free form notes,
categorize observations, deploy multiple study treatments.
- Export an HTML based report including charts, graphs, logged data,
questionnaire responses, application and web event logs along with
automated statistical analysis.
- Create highlight clips and video reels complete with transitions,
captions and voiceovers.

It’s only $499 and is free for students. A 50% conversion discount
is available for all Morae customers with proof of purchase.

Visit www.ovosolo.com to learn more and request your free trial.

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