[JOBS] Dev IxD, Info Designer, Central NJ US, Infragistics, Full-Time

24 Feb 2010 - 10:08am
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Hi folks,

It's that time again. :) We're expanding our Design team here at
Infragistics with some interesting and challenging spots that call for some
specialization in interaction design that is not standard.

Who is Infragistics <http://www.infragistics.com>? Among other things, we
make Quince <http://quince.infragistics.com/>, a RIA design patterns tool,
which we just updated to enable folks to have their own private libraries
and annotated examples. We've also been in the software biz for over 20
years doing UI tools and component for devs.

We have a vibrant Design team consisting of a gaggle of IxDs and visual
designers who collaborate together to design awesome stuff.

So here are the open spots with more info. Feel free to email me with
portfolio, CV, etc. at ambrose [at] infragistics [dot] com or use the Apply
buttons on the linked pages below. (Hint: Emailing me is better. ;) )

- Developer Interaction
focused on the holistic developer experience, with a special focus on API
design as well as dev helps like design-time support and help integration.
- Senior Dev
same as above, only with more experience. ;)
- Information
focused on empowering people to create beautiful evidence.

Thanks for listening!


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