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24 Feb 2010 - 10:45am
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Silvio Galindo

Hello everybody,

I'm currently working on a wireframing project of a web app on
Visio, which involves using stencils, because identical panels are to
be displayed on different Visio sheets. Thus I don't have to modify
each sheet one by one if a change has to be done : I only modify the
concerned stencil.

The problem I'm facing now (and I miss Axure for that) is that in
some sheets -depending on the context, like picking a radio button or
checking a box- a panel may slightly vary compared to its respective
stencil. Is there a way of creating dynamic panels or stencils in
Visio , so that different stencil versions can be adapted to
different contexts ? This would make my work easier, since I
wouldn't have to create different stencils, and that I could reuse
the same stencil to create the variations.

Another cool function would be to add a stencil A inside a stencil B
, and that changes made to A are reflected into B. This would allow
to create a parent relationship between stencils. Unfortunately this
doesn't seem possible ... unless you have some ideas on the subject.

Thanks a lot, (and hope that I'm clear)



25 Feb 2010 - 9:06am
David Lambert

I'm not positive what sort of dynamic behavior you need, but I'm
reasonably certain you can get there -- given enough effort.
There's a pretty rich programming model for building shapes in Visio
if you need to move beyond the basics.

I'd recommend flipping through to see if there's
anything there that looks promising. There's a pretty good chance
that if something's possible in Visio, it's on that site. Here are
a couple articles that seem like they might be worth a look:

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