IxD deliverable and One-person show Was: buy-in, consensus, etc.

3 Feb 2005 - 3:34am
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Anirudha Joshi

Andrei wrote> A fully-formed prototype is the best tool for that exercise
as long as the prototype is fully formed.

Shifting gears> So what are the deliverables of the interaction designers
'after' the design is approved (by whatever process). The architect
delivers the plans. The product designer delivers the third angle
projected drawings along with separation lines (perhaps ProE models is
more like it these days), colour shades and assembly instructions. What
does an IxD deliver? Does this change according to the size / nature of
the company?

Andrei also wrote> The most successful, well-designed products are, in my
experience, driven by strong design leads. They are not built as a
committee or unwieldy size teams.

Another gearshift> I have heard this few times (and something similar
about software architecture in The Mythical Man-month). But are there good
examples for or against this? In context of IxD? Dave mentioned IDEO and
Apple, but not people who were the strong design leads. And what do you
mean by 'strong'? Also, while we are at it, is the evidence just anecdotal
or conclusive?


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