Opportunity - Software Print Server Interface Designer - Peerless Systems Corporation, El Segundo CA

3 Feb 2005 - 2:24pm
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Jan Bowler

Peerless Systems Corporation (www.peerless.com <http://www.peerless.com/> )
is a small (130 employees) public company which provides digital imaging
technology to worldwide manufacturers of color printers and copiers.
Peerless pays well, employs a number of very bright, experienced engineers,
and treats people like adults. Most managers are still actively involved in
design and development. I act as the in-house recruiter for the company.
The job listed above is posted at
http://www.peerless.com/abo/web_sps_eng.asp. If you're interested please
send your resume directly to jan at peopleop.com. If you have questions, or
would like more information about the company, please feel free to call or
e-mail me using the information cited below. Thanks in advance for your
consideration. JB

Jan Bowler


PH: 310/214-1461

FX: 310/214-8461

jan at peopleop.com

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