magic user acceptance ratio - 3 to 1

4 Feb 2005 - 3:24pm
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Jason Pryslak


There is an article by on destination CRM[1] that mentions a Three to One
ratio for the cost/benefit of a proposal generating tool. I am wondering if
anyone knows where this ratio comes from (other than "Barton Goldenberg said
it")? Any formal studies out there to support the statement?

<clip of the article>
"Barton Goldenberg, president of CRM consulting firm ISM Inc., notes that
for every one piece of information the system asks the user to input, the
system delivers at least three valuable pieces of information to the user,
or that user will never use the tool again. The ratio makes sense. "
</clip of the article>


jason pryslak


ps. sorry if this shows up twice. i sent it from the wrong account last time

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