Courses & Education in IxD (was Re: Assessment Tests)

7 Feb 2005 - 3:39pm
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Dave Malouf

Hi Troy,

I don't think there is an easy answer to give you regarding Cooper U or any
other similar type courses.

The open ended parameters are a bit personal around budget tolerance, and
well, personal experience. How sr/jr are you in terms of IxD.

I have not personally taken Cooper U, but have asked colleagues whom I
manage to go.

What I like about these very specific courses is they are just that, focused
and deep. What I don't like about them is that they are focused and deep.

Most of us probably use personal creations that are a hybrid approach to the
many methodologies we've come across over time. So if you want to catch up,
maybe an alternative would be something like UI10 (Is that the # they are up
to), or NN/G's traveling circus of usability.

The other way to go is to go to CHI or IA Summit or UPA and get a survey of
short lectures and go to tutorials that seem most relevant to you.

The other question you asked is how did I learn what I learned.
10 years experience - nothing beats just doing it
6 years in the UX community connecting with peers and luminaries
Joining these lists
Reading lots and lots of design oriented (UX) blogs
Reading books from time to time, though I find most to be geared toward
someone else, so I don't do this unless something is very recommended.
Start with a foundation - i.e. Read the "design of everyday things" before
moving onto the next IxD specific thing like About Face 2.0.
Balance your attention 1/2 on theory and 1/2 on methods and 1/2 on craft
(yes, that was on purpose).

Keep asking for help. ;)

Good luck!

-- dave

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