Institute of Design Strategy Workshop, March 1, San Francisco

8 Feb 2005 - 1:54pm
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Chad Jennings

Upcoming Design Strategy panel discussion and workshop in San Francisco
with Peter Coughlan from IDEO, Rob Forbes from Design
Within Reach, Bill Hill from MetaDesign, Clement Mok, and Patrick
Whitney, Director, Institute of Design, IIT

We all know that themes like "total user-experience" and "reliable
of innovation" are becoming important to business, and business leaders
increasingly looking to design to help in these areas. The challenge for
both designers and business managers is to find methods and frameworks
bringing the two groups. To meet this challenge, there needs to be an
increase both in business leaders' expectations of design and in
abilities to link the creation of user value to the creation of economic

This program will bring together designers and managers from
marketing and other fields who want to help identify ways that design
be used in a more strategic way than it normally is. It will start with
short presentations and panel discussion covering a range of topics,

- Design and entrepreneurship
- Designing services
- Designing the business
- Educating executives about design
- Educating designers about business
- New initiatives from the business press and associations
- A new joint publication between IIT and I.D. Magazine about design and

These will be followed by a workshop where participants will contribute
ideas that can help design practice, design education and the people
writing about design. These ideas will be captured and shared with the
participants and others who can make use of them.

Panelists and discussion leaders
Peter Coughlan, co-director, IDEO Transformation Group
Rob Forbes, founder, Design Within Reach
Bill Hill, President and founder, MetaDesign San Francisco
Clement Mok, CEO, CMCD Visual Symbols Library; past president, AIGA
Patrick Whitney, Steelcase/Robert C. Pew Professor and Director,
of Design, IIT

More information on the agenda and registration can be found at


We hope you can join us.

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