IA Summit? Anyone?

9 Feb 2005 - 11:48am
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Dave Malouf

Hey there folks,

There are a few IxDers including myself who are presenting at the IA Summit
this coming early March. ( http://iasummit.org/)

I'm interested in know who is attending. I'll create a little distribution
list here of folks so please reply to me and NOT THE LIST.

Todd, Dan and I will come up w/ something and we will send out a notice so
that we can all meet face2face.

If there is anyone on the list whether going or not to the IA Summit who
lives in Montreal and would like to help us pick a spot to meet that would
be great!!!! Just mention it when you reply.

When you reply please tell me from when to when you will be in Montreal.
Unless noted I will assume that you are staying at the Fairmont where the
conference is being held.

As an FYI, I will be there from Wed night of March 2nd, to Monday evening
March 7th.

I look forward to seeing who is coming.

-- dave

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