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9 Feb 2005 - 6:59pm
11 years ago
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ian swinson

Interesting blog explaining how Google maps work:

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10 Feb 2005 - 11:07am
Doug Anderson

Hi All,

I saw a horizontal scroll bar regardless of window size. The slider very nearly filled the scroll bar. As expected, dragging the slider the tiny bit available caused the entire window contents to move, with no change to the map contents within the window. Changing window size caused the map to display more or less real estate at the same resolution for a given zoom level with the scroll bar nearly filled by the slider.

However, I just went back to the site to confirm the constant map resolution with window resizing and have no scroll bar. Relaunching the browser, I still cannot reproduce the presence of the scroll bar. Hmmm...

Firefox 1.0 under the Classic environment of Mac OS X 10.3.7

Doug Anderson
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN

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The horizontal scroll bar is there for me regardless of how much I expand/shrink the window.

<<And changing the window size causes the map to re-load at a different resolution.>>

Yes, for me too. But the scroll bar stays.

Netscape 7.2, Mac OS X 10.3.7


Elizabeth Buie
Computer Sciences Corporation
Rockville, Maryland, USA

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