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10 Feb 2005 - 2:41pm
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Doug Anderson

Hi Prady,

The UPA site has some resources. There's a diagram indicating iteration (at a very high level of abstraction), plus links to buying their "chutes & ladders" poster ;>)

Jennifer Preece, Yvonne Rogers, and Helen Sharp have published a book entitled "Interaction Design." I believe there are some diagrams therein that might address your desire. I don't own the book - I only have pdf drafts of a few chapters, so I can't point to specific pages in the final version.

Mirna Daouk and Nancy G. Leveson wrote a paper entitled "An Approach to Human-Centered Design" that includes a high-level block diagram of the interrelationships among Human Factors, System Engineering, and System Safety for a Human-Centered, Safety-Driven Design Process. I am not sure where / if it was published. I don't see any copyright notice in the pdf, so would send it to you if you don't find it (384 kb).

Sorry, my on-disk collection seems to be long on text, short on diagrams. Will try to thumb through some tomes in my library at home to find likely suspects, but probably not tonight. Won't be back from the local UPA chapter meeting until late.

Doug Anderson
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN

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Hi there,

I am looking for "pretty" pictures that explain UCD from start to
finish. I am working on preparing methodology for our product design
process and need to get inspired from work out there. I need links of
site that shows process flows. (I am pretty friendly with UCD process,
so I am less interested in reading stuffs.)

Few more things that may help building my picture is,
-- if I can learn how "requirements" and "software" engineering
processes tie to UCD.
-- If it explains how "personas" can guide UCD
-- if it explains "iterative-ness"

Can you share presentations, book marks, downloaded libraries?

Thanks in advance,


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