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21 Feb 2005 - 2:20pm
11 years ago
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Dave Malouf

I am soooo happy that the German translation (our first) of the current web
site is up live.

There are so many people who have put in their own time to get this up and
running. I especially want to thank Jens Meiert who coordinated a team of
4-5 translators from Germany and Austria and Rick Cecil for taking in the
many changes that kept coming at him (and still do).

We are working on putting together an acknowledgements page that will
specify the entire translator team. In the meantime, I encourage Jens to
post the list to this list.

Next steps:
1. document the translation process Jens and team used.
2. create a process for easier updating and make final decisions about what
pieces do and don't get translated moving forward.
3. coordinate with 3 translator volunteers; find a leader for each; teach
them the process and see if we can successfully coordinate multiple
translations at the same time. These languages will be chosen by a mix of
"need" and strength of participation. Most likely candidates currently stand
as Spanish, French, and Chinese. One thing we have definitely learned is
that we need more than one translator (a team of 4 minimum) in order to
successfully perform a translation with the proper level of copy editing.

Thanx again to everyone and we'll be keeping the lists updated as we move
ahead with more translations.

-- dave

David Heller
dave at
dave at
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22 Feb 2005 - 5:18am
Jens Meiert

> I am soooo happy that the German translation (our first) of the
> current web site is up live.

Dito! :)

Special thanks belongs to the entire translation team, namely Juergen Spangl
and Tom Haberfellner from "gp designpartners" <>, Ingo
Helmdach <>, and Helma Toepper from "slash_work"
<> for their excellent work! It was great to work
together, and I'm looking forward to continue the work with all of you!

All the best,

Jens Meiert
Information Architect

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