RE: First UPA Event in Cambridge (UK) - March 16th

24 Feb 2005 - 12:09pm
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carl myhill

I've been hoping we could run something like this in Cambridge for YEARS and
am very grateful to Stuart Church for organising it.

Hope some of you can come along. Details and sign up information here

Best regards.


First Cambridge Event : 'The Future of User-Centred Technology Design'

The first ever Cambridge Usability Group meeting will take place on the 16th
March 2005! The main event of the evening will be a talk by Rachel Jones of
Instrata on 'The Future of User-Centred Technology Design'. Rachel will be
reporting on her experiences as part of the recent DTI Global Watch mission
to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. Mission members visited
a number of global organisations including Volvo, BMW, Intel, IBM, IDEO,
PARC, Microsoft and Nike to help understand the impact of user-centred
research in the design process. More information can be found at the DTI
Global Watch mission website.

In addition, the meeting will provide an opportunity to find out what the
Cambridge Usability Group is all about and hopefully also to meet a few new

Date: 16th March 2005
Time: 6.30 for 6.45pm, followed by drinks at 8-8.30pm in the Old Spring pub.
Venue: GE Network Solutions, 1 High Street, Chesterton, Cambridge CB4 1WR.
View map.
Cost: FREE! You do not need to be a UKUPA member to attend. However, it is
essential that anyone wishing to attend reserves a place. To do this, please
email cambridge.usability at

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