Referral needed: Visual designer

24 Feb 2005 - 5:22pm
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Billie Mandel

Hi all -

I'm casting my net out there for visual designer referrals for an
intranet redesign project. Here's a bit of background:

- It's a 3-year-old intranet for a national nonprofit of ~500 users
- We only have budget to redesign look & feel and some IxD/IA (mostly
home page and global search/navigation). The core functionality is
messy, and right now, sadly, we don't get to touch it.
- The look and feel needs to be similar to/consistent with another
existing enterprise system
- The current team consists of a lead engineer (consultant) and me (as
IxD and project manager), and we may also have a front-end programmer
(also a consultant). Since I work solo at my organization, without a
peer team, I'd love to have a visual designer on this project who is
grounded in IxD principles, with whom I can share ideas and get
- Design needs include images/mockups, CSS, HTML
- We're located in the SF Bay Area - local designers preferred, but if
you have someone amazing to refer, I'm definitely interested in
talking to her/him regardless of location.

I have wireframes and screen shots I can show to potentially
interested designers.

Your sage recommendations would be well appreciated!

- Billie

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