Internship / Contract possibilities, Portland (Beaverton) OR

2 Mar 2005 - 12:20pm
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leo.frishberg a...

I am looking to fill two short term opportunities within my product line at
Tektronix. Interested Portlanders, please send directly to me. Thanks!

Intern Opportunity

The Advanced Development Group (ADG) of the Logic Analyzer Product Line
(LAPL) is in the process of completing a year long contextual inquiry.
Contained within the volumes of data are dozens of hours of videotape. We
are looking for a student willing and able to analyze the video segments,
archive appropriate snippets, and assist with building time correlated
graphs of the observations. This work should last approximately 3 months.
In addition to creating appropriate displays of quantitative data, the
intern will have the opportunity to contribute to and co-author research
results for future publication.

Interaction Designer Opportunity

The LAPL is looking for an IxD consultant/contractor for an intense 4 week
engagement to turn a unique vision into a realizable and engaging interface.
A strong background in rich application development (PC/Mac/Sun/Enterprise)
with experience in CAD-like applications is necessary. Deliverables for
this contract include: interaction flows, interface and widget behaviors,
and other documents necessary to support lo-fi paper prototyping. Graphic
design skills are nice, but not necessary. Paper prototype development is
not necessary.

Thanks everyone...great list, am really enjoying the discussion!

Leo Frishberg
Architect, User Experience
Advanced Development Group
Logic Analyzer Product Line
Ph: +1 503.627.2833
Fax: +1 503.627.2009
Tektronix, Inc.

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