Consulting or Contracting Firms for IxD

2 Mar 2005 - 1:38pm
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IxD People:

I am looking into leaving my full time corporate gig to broaden my
design and IxD experience by working on a wider variety of projects.
Consulting seems like a good way to take a look at the bigger picture of
how other companies operate. After a year or so consulting, I hope to
settle in to a position at a good interaction design or software
development company.

Can anyone recommend consulting or contracting firms for IxD
professionals, or designers in general? I live and work in the San
Francisco Bay Area, and would be interested in learning about local, as
well as national and international firms.

Melony Wofford Bravmann
Business Manager, Interaction Design
Sales Productivity Systems
SBC Services IT, 925-823-2252

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