Update- IxDG Meeting in Pune, India 4:00pm-6:00pm, Saturday 12th March

14 Mar 2005 - 5:41am
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Sharad Solanki

On Saturday our meeting ended for @ 2.15 hrs. There were 22 participants from Pune and Mumbai, India.

In the first session Prof Anirudha's talked about a role in software
development which has 'central creative responsibility' similar to
the 'director' in film industry, and his resent work on the comparison
and mapping of SE development processes, UX process (Garrett et al)
and how to UX related activities can be fitted in to the SE
development process.

In second session, we had open discussion about the need to organize and grow as a group. Some concerns were expressed regarding this, like, how to generate interest of people in local chapters. (By inviting e-learning professionals, web site designers etc.) Also there were suggestions about what could be the activities of such chapters (Council, competitions, white papers etc.)

Sharad Singh Solanki

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