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27 Jan 2004 - 6:16am
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Anders Bertram Eibye

Hi Everybody
I have been a passive member of this mailing list for a while - I
really enjoy the seriousness and high level of content. So thanks for

I have a question that I would like to get some feedback on, I hope
that im not violating the purpose of the list.

Im studying Interaction Design at the Danish Designschool, im currently
at my 8th. semester. I want to apply for an internship somewhere in USA
(preferably in San Francisco). Im interested in larger companies like
"Cooper" and "IDEO" who have a dedicated attitude towards Interaction
Design and multi-disciplinary teamwork.

My very simple question goes like this: Do you know any companies that
you would recommend to me, as possible internship places? Companies
that have a great emphasis on interaction design! I have of course
research on the topic, but I guess some of you, more familiar with the
business, would have some interesting feedback.

Hope to hear from you, please feel free to ask question if you need
more info about my focus / wishes

Best Regards
bertram at

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