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18 Mar 2005 - 10:21pm
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Hi, I have taken the design communication class, and in the situation
I was in, it helped alot.

I was a lone designer at a very conservative company I worked at. I
was working in both research and development. Meaning I have to change
the culture and thinking of how people approach, understand and apply
design to two distinctive goals. And of the whole company culture...
ugh! anyway!

In the class they talk about how to present your ID work in documents
as well as presentations. All of which I use not only as design
communication tool but as tools to get funding and organizational
visibility. Everyone benefited from having these documents at my
company. QA and engineers like seeing things ahead of time to estimate
and plan for a project. More importantly, I noticed that engineering
managers struggled while they had to explain the importance of
projects to executives who spoke a different language (for many
years). With the documents I supply them, they carry (particularly the
U&DA) with them to all their important meetings, while they are trying
to get funding for their projects, this changed the importance of
software engineering at my company which until recently only focused
on developing hardware manufacturer.

In the design communication course, Steve Calde did a really great job
of sharing their skills of presenation from his consulting experience,
particularly how to defend your design without being defensive, how to
be a diplomat, ultimately how to sell your design, and ID as a
valuable asset. Being a good designer, like being good at anything, if
you don't SHOW people how good you are, or how good your work is in a
way that they can appreciate, you won't get the results you want. The
DC class was a really good place to learn how to sell what you got.

All in all, the cooper courses including the DC class are some of the
best things i've done in my career.

But I'm a converted Cooperite, so I might be biased.



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> Has anyone taken Cooper's Communicating Design class? If so, was it worth your while?
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