Intern position at Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton, NJ.

23 Mar 2005 - 4:10am
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Harry Brignull

Hi Everyone

Siemens Corporate Research are looking for interns. Thought it might be=20=

relevant to some people on this list. If you're interested, it would be=20=

wise to apply immediately.


- Harry


March 21, 2005

User Interface Design Center
Siemens Corporate Research
Princeton, NJ, USA

The User Interface Design Center (UIDC) at Siemens Corporate Research=20
(SCR) is seeking interns. Recent
graduates or students in HCI, Human Factors Engineering, or Cognitive=20
Psychology are required to assist
with research projects in the HCI field. Six months work is available=20
starting as soon as possible. The
position offer opportunities to gain research and practical work=20
experience, hone skills, and network. The
UIDC is a multi-disciplinary, dynamic, and friendly work environment.

Primary Responsibilities
=A1=AF Assist research projects in the areas of HCI, Ubiquitous =
and Behavior
Intervention for applications in home environments and automotive=20
=A1=AF Define and conduct ethnographic studies.
=A1=AF Write conference papers and technical reports.

=A1=AF MS/PhD students or recent graduates in Human-Computer =
Human Factors
Engineering, Cognitive Psychology, Interaction Design, or a related=20
=A1=AF Solid training in HCI-related research methods, qualitative and=20=

=A1=AF Experience in writing conference papers and technical reports.
=A1=AF Experience in Ubiquitous UI Design, persuasive technologies, and=20=

ethnographic studies.
=A1=AF Abilities to deliver highly effective presentations and/or =
=A1=AF Fluency in English, additional languages helpful.
=A1=AF Able to travel.

About Siemens Corporate Research
Siemens Corporate Research ( is Siemens=A1=A6 US=20
research center. The UIDC
at Siemens Corporate Research consults with and supports Siemens=20
business units worldwide in
user interface design and usability engineering, and conducts research=20=

projects and develops
methods and innovative know-how in the scope of Human-Computer=20
Interaction. Additionally, the
UIDC works with the US Government and partners with universities for=20
research projects. The
UIDC is located on three continents (Munich, Germany; Princeton, NJ,=20
USA; and Beijing, China).
This intern position is based at Princeton, New Jersey.

Please send your cover letter and resume to James Lin, Ph.D. =A1V=20
jameslin at

Please include URLs to online publications and portfolio if available.

No third party submissions, please.

We are an equal opportunity employer.=

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