Funny story, what can happened if programmer does interaction design (or doesn't do it)

6 Apr 2005 - 5:43am
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Hegle Sarapuu


We have functionality, what allows to user change input forms. Some time ago we decided that we need to export data to xml and it can be using input forms. So we found out that design was not needed this time because user interface didn't changed and programmer started to work. Deadline was close and programmer did it at weekend. On Monday I looked what he did purpose to test it (speed and everything). I started to make new form and... know that in java and c# programs contains things like classes (what contains different preprogrammed things)...well there was dropdown with our software classes to choose one...

That functionality was meant to be very easy to use for regular users... :)

...later programmer said that it was easier to do :)

Well you know that I, interaction designer of that software, am responsible for that and I could do my job better and not trust programmers. :) It was just a stupidest mistake I ever had. :D

What's yours?

Best regards,
Hegle Sarapuu

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