Interaction design work flow

20 Apr 2005 - 4:00am
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sajid saiyed

I am a designer and want to know peoples experience in creating or
improving forkflow for Interaction Design process with programmers.

What I would like to know is that, What is the typical (or Proven)
workflow process for any interaction design that a designer is working
on and is supposed to be later handed over to the implementation team
along with assets.

How do you effectively communicate design guidelines to developers?
(Style guide? Specifications documents??? )

What process do you use to make sure that the design is implemented
exactly as you visualised? (Usability testing? frequesnt interactions
with developers???)

How do you transfer and share knowledge about limitations and
possibilities from both end (design as well as technology)

Maybe some of my questions are very basic, but I wanted to understand
what is it that people are following as standards.

Also is there any good reading material available anywhere on this subject?


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