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20 Apr 2005 - 10:49am
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Dave Malouf

Mah Ya'anim (How's it Going?),

I'm going to Israel for the last 2 weeks of May and I'd love to take the
opportunity to meet up w/ list members and others who are interested in IxD
(doesn't got to be your title).

I know there is a small crowd or so of folks there who have previously
contacted me. I also know there is a pretty hefty CHI group there.

So, please let me know if you would be interested in just meeting up for a
simple social Face2Face, or if maybe if it could be arranged something more
dramatic and formal if people are interested.

I can talk to the group in Israel about IxDG's participation at CHI in the
Development Consortium and what it means for people who work in the UX
community. I can also lead a discussion about what it means to bring
"design" to the creation of behavior structures in products. Or even better,
if you folks have someone Internal to Israel who you feel represents IxD
well, we can have him/her come and lead a discussion. When you reply let me
know your thoughts about all these options.

Any event will probably be someplace to Tel Aviv or to the just north there
of as I will be staying in Ra'anana with my family.

Just reply to me.

L'hitraot! (see ya later)

-- dave

David Heller
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