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2 May 2005 - 3:55pm
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ji kim

Hey Dave,

Thanks for the article, it's good to read about companies (especially former underdog) making
the right decisions and risks - esp. betting big on design. Samsung/S.Korea is an interesting place - although, CEO of Samsung was very instrumental in their success, he couldn't have succeeded without his training/influence from countries like Japan/United States and very talented young korean designers.....he wasn't afraid to bring in brading/design/psychology into core part of the corporate business process (which pissed off lot of corporate execs back then), but he really had nothing to lose (it's lot easier when you are starting from the bottom). This seems like a trend in S.Korean righ tnow, just look at their national soccer team - they hired an amazing Dutch Soccer coach, and he completely redesigned process of recruiting players to how they trained. This was a big change from a very homogeneous country.

In the old days (just few decades ago), many Korean corporations were very slow and didn't innovate much (they were another cheap country to outsource things from western coutnries). In fact, they were afraid to adopt foreign ideas(western) due to cultural reasons (Korea was invaded by many countries through out history)....many key decision makers in the corporations were not interested in brining in new way of designing products and running the business (even if they knew it would be good for the whole contry as whole). But things started changing when they started sending their kids all around the world(including the Samusng CEO himself) to study western way of design and doing, It didn't happen overnight, it took a generation to make it happen. Hmmm...I wonder if big corporations in U.S. can also learn something from a company in very small country.....

my 2cents,

ji kim

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Subject: [ID Discuss] Samsung Article in Wired

I thought people on this list might be interested in this article. Good
stuff on design and business.

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