9 May 2005 - 2:27am
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Ischai Cohen

Hello People on the list.
This is my loosing-my-virginity message, so I hope you'll be gentle with
I recently (2 hours ago) started working on a narrowcasting project:
narrowcasting, also named lots of other names, is a system that involves
several screens and one source of broadcasting. It is mostly used for
messages, ads in shopping malls or public transport, etc. those things
the masses pass-by without paying to much attention, or pay to much
attention while their wallets are being stolen. Anyway, these things are
not to interactive, since the input devices are limited: at the very
best it includes a touch screen but then it is only for one person; it
is not too useful in a case of a 12m3 billboard or a plasma screen
hanging above your head. So the company wants to create an interactive
system, and see what kind of interactions can be made. So here the sorts
of requested help and advice:
1) any information and links on interaction in public spaces;
one-to-many interactions; etc.
2) any information and advice on interactions in office (the original
one, with the coffee machine conversations and gossips, not the one with
the shut-me-down-paper-clip)
3) any ideas for an in-house system. Go wild
Thank you for your time and the ability to procrastinate

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