Statistical analysis in interaction design

9 May 2005 - 10:28pm
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Steve Baty

Recently I had the opportunity to discuss the use of statistical analysis
techniques with a group of professional and semi-professional information
architects and user experience practitioners. It seems that the level of
sophistication and rigour applied to data gathering and, in particular,
statistical analysis is quite varied. Further, the variance does not seem to
be dependent on the nature of the organisation, but on the background of the

A quick check around the group showed a range from zero statistical analysis
of data up to multi-variate statistical techniques across 6+ variables.

The question I would like to raise in this forum is this: what are the most
appropriate statistical analysis techniques (versus the most convenient) to
use during the various stages of an IxD project, and how widespread is their


Steve Baty
Senior Analyst, Red Square

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