Mutli-Inter-Disciplinary [was: How to Get Into ... Best Job Title]

29 Jan 2004 - 10:42am
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Todd Warfel

To summarize so far:

1) (insert your favorite adjective here) Designers should have a
knowledge and appreciation for visual/graphical design, interaction
design, and information architecture
2) They should not favor one over the other, as that could bias the
product, which in turn would become flawed
3) There are individuals capable of great visual, interaction, and
information architecture, or any combination of these. Those
individuals may be few and far between, but they do exist.
4) It's possible we could be better off if there were more of these
types of individuals.
5) Individuals can demonstrate this interdisciplinary skill set on
things like individual products, or smaller Web sites.
6) It's nearly impossible to scale this to a large scale production
like, or the Apple Store without a team initiative. And this
becomes more difficult to do and maintain the unified vision.
7) We should look at other disciplines to learn from their examples
(e.g. Film, Architecture, Product Design)


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