Re: user requirements vs business requirements

14 May 2005 - 11:09pm
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Rhonda Nelson

I think these reqs have to start out completely
separate. Most business owners, esp in a
corporation, do not have the pulse on the detailed
needs of users, nor should they. They have a high
level overview of "what the market needs" but that's
Get a representative sample of the key business owners
in a room to discuss the bottom line. They should be
reps of marketing/finance/new biz/etc. They come up
with a list of features and concepts they think would
be beneficial based on everything, but hopefully more
than just the loud opinion of the client that pays the
most money because though this might satisfy the one
client, its likely not to astound the market. Of
course, they stay away from design reqs. They will
express they know the users. They might have focus
group data that gave them ideas, etc. We get to test
these out in the UX process next.
UX people then take these with the marketing people
and build out a process to validate these higher level
biz reqs, ie. questionnaires, surveys, wireframes,
concept boards, scenarios, personas, etc.
Then I would work with a business person to merge
these into some sort of excel chart gap analysis. The
end result is a quantifiable merger of the user and
biz reqs that essentially becomes the project reqs.
If a feature does not show up as a high priority by
users or scenarios, then it falls off in priority in
the reqs list. This list is revalidated by the
original key biz people and the reqs phase is ovah.
in a perfect world.


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