Looking for visual designer for mobile device?

23 May 2005 - 11:02am
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Wendy Fischer


I am looking for recommendations of contract visual designers for visual design on a handset.

Specifically they must have previous UI design for handsetswith an emphasis on visual design and creative direction. I am looking for somebody that has several years experience, some experience with either working for a design firm that specializes in mobile device design, or with experience in a corporate setting around mobile device design, and understands the nuances of visual design and usability issues specific to designing interfaces for mobile phones. A plus would be an understanding of the capabilities of Xhtml and CSS for WAP decks on a cell phone..

I have a small project that needs some creative direction and branding and can lead to some more projects. Basically on this project I have some visual designs but they need to be taken to the next level.

This person can be remote, though it would be a plus if they reside in North Carolina.

This can be replied to offlist to erpdesigner at yahoo.com.

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