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27 May 2005 - 10:25pm
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Nathan Moody

Can you do visual design, information architecture, and general
conceptual design with equal aplomb?According to Jeff Isom's thread,
"[ID Discuss] Skill sets for an interaction designer," are you an IxD
Type 1 person who can be staffed on IxD Type 2 tasks on a per-project
basis? ;-) Read on below for details and contact me directly with


Fluid, Inc. is an established design/development firm in San Francisco,
and is considered one of the world’s leading architects of online and
interactive experiences and rich internet applications. We’re looking
for a unique individual to join our team as a full-time, salaried

Fluid’s definition of “Designer” is a multi-talented individual with a
broad and deep set of skills. Designers are those rare “expert
generalists” who excel in multiple areas, defy the categorizations of
larger firms, and lead project teams down the road to success. A
Designer at Fluid will own some or all of the creative “vision” on a
given project, and will interact with information architects,
interactive media (client-side) engineers, server-side engineers and
others to synthesize a client’s business goals with the needs of the
user or consumer. An ideal Designer is one who is a technically-savvy
creative professional who embraces the limitations of technology and
brand to bring focus their work.

The three must-have skill sets for a Designer are:
- Conceptual Design: Originate innovative ideas and rapidly (but
clearly) visualize them as sketches, storyboards, and wireframe

- Information Design: Organize complex data onscreen to be usable and
understandable, with an eye towards balancing both form and function

- Visual and Interaction Design: Create amazing customer experiences in
immersive environments with award-winning visual and interaction design
work that embodies the brands of our globally-recognized clients.

A Designer may fill one, some, or all of these roles on any given
project, depending on the skill sets required. Our teams are small,
intense, and above all, friendly, funny, and focused on building the
best interactive products in the world.

Who We Are Looking For

- Motivated, inquisitive visual problem solver
- Responsive, responsible communicator who can present work to clients
- Good-humored, open minded individual
- 4-5 years of interactive design experience as either a visual
designer or an interaction designer…ideally both!
- Innovative, iterative collaborator who can work closely with a larger
team to create new and innovative user experiences
- A process-oriented designer who can create extensible visual systems
for large-scale projects
- A motion and/or interaction designer with a touch for subtlety and
elegance in interaction patterns
- The ability and willingness to build your own designs (at least as
working prototypes) in Flash and HTML
- A San Francisco Bay Area local, or someone willing to relocate to the
Bay Area who will work onsite in our SoMa office

Must-have tool knowledge:
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Illustrator
- Flash MX 2004
- Familiarity with XHTML, CSS and Web standards compliance
- Familiarity with both MacOS X and Windows XP
- Willingness to dive into new technologies and tools as needed
- Ability to code one’s own prototypes in aforementioned tools/platforms

Optional tool knowledge:
- Microsoft Visio
- Animation and/or video tools (Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut
- Video compression software (such as Cleaner or Squeeze)
- Audio editing software (such as Audacity, SoundForge, Peak, etc.)
- 3D animation software (such as Maya, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, etc.)

Further Optional, but Highly Desired, Qualifications:
- Experience designing customer experiences for online retail and
- Understanding of, or experience in, other production methods from
related industries, including (but not limited to) games, interactive
narrative, motion design, motion picture special effects, or 3D
- Experience with handling audio and/or video in interactive projects

Applying for this Position
Interested applicants should email me a portfolio URL, a letter of
interest, and resume detailing your specific background, why you
believe you are qualified, and why this opportunity is of interest to
you to nathan at I will respond with an acknowledgement once we
received your letter of interest and have determined that you have
read, and conform to, our job requirements.

About Fluid (
We're an award-winning firm of creative technicians and technical
creatives whose common goal is building amazing user experiences while
achieving our clients' business goals. We develop enterprise-class
solutions with the advantages and “vibe” of a boutique firm. Our
current clients include Charles Schwab, Design Within Reach, Jansport,
the Leakey Foundation, The North Face, and Timberland. We are a
Macromedia Platinum Alliance Partner and are privy to new technologies
from a variety of other software vendors. Our projects are varied and
exciting, and our staff is truly unique with a vibrant culture and an
amazing work ethic...we're looking for stellar individuals to match.

Fluid is located at South Park in San Francisco, California, USA, and
is BART, CalTrain and Muni accessible.

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