re: McAfee UI Design group wins big w/ 90% drop insupport calls

6 Jun 2005 - 4:38am
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Hi Ji

Perhaps they don't receive as many support calls, because people are so
incensed by McAfee's horrible user interfaces and the bugginess of their
products that they uninstall the software and switch to a competitor's
product. That's what I did. I've never used more intrusive software. It
frequently takes over control of the computer for its processing tasks and
displays messages that prevent one's continuing with one's work.


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> I read this article couple of months ago.....first I was glad to seesuch
> article.
> Then I started talking this with my colleagues (more business/marketing
> folks...).......our conclusion was that 90% seems little high - we felt it
> was exaggerated. There could be variety of reasons why McAfee didn't
> receive much support calls - one reason might be people simply didn't
> really use it.....and list does on. Having spend several years designing
> products for network security, there isn't much users could do with
> produts like ProtectionPilot (product mention in article) when there is no
> network security problems....I liked the fact that this article championed
> good UI desing process and the benefits, but it just didn't provide enough
> details on how they derived that number.
> ji
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