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14 Jun 2005 - 12:46pm
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Challis Hodge

Position: Interactive Architect

Experience: 3+ years
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Status: Permanent Full Time
Salary: Competitive
Relocation: Not Available


Seattle-based User Experience consulting firm is looking for a full time
Interactive Architect to join their User-Centered Design team. This is a
classic interaction design/user experience position requiring skills in user
research, interaction design, information architecture, prototyping, and
usability testing. The environment is growth-oriented with a wide range of
clients from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. The work spans a range of
technologies including desktop, Internet and mobile applications, as well as
information appliances.


* Evaluating client functional and business requirements.
* Conducting primary and secondary research to evaluate user needs.
* Performing usability inspections of existing systems and conducting
competitive research.
* Developing information architecture, system vocabulary, task flows,
navigation systems, and detailed wireframe layouts.
* Documenting screen-level interactions.
* Presenting and justifying designs to clients.
* Developing paper prototypes for early user testing.
* Creating project-specific user experience guidelines that assist clients
in making future design decisions.
* Working with content writers, visual designers, and software developers to
ensure a smooth transition of the interactive design into development.


* At least 3 years experience in complex web application interaction design.

* Education in user-centered design (UCD) or ability to display a formal
understanding of UCD theory and practice.
* Ability to blend both user goals and business goals to create an effective
interactive experience.
* Working knowledge of browser-based technology constraints/capabilities
(e.g. HTML, JavaScript, Flash).
* Experience with a range of software development practices, including agile
and use-case based methods.
* Superlative oral and written communication skills.
* Experience working directly with clients in a consulting role, including
leading client meetings.
* Working knowledge of visual design tools (e.g. OmniGraffle, Visio).
* Experience designing and conducting usability studies is an asset.

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