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29 Jan 2004 - 5:04pm
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Dave Malouf

Hey there IxDers!

So funny, someone asked me about a month ago to look at the digest
functionality of our list and give him/her some advice about how to make it
work better for them. It was the first time I subscribed as a digest user
(never really saw the point if I have a folder w/ a filter; same effect,
better results) and realized what was happening.

1. If you using mime mode your initial e-mail is a whole lot of info about
the list and then you end up w/ individual messages as attachments.
Personally I like that b/c I can reply individually to each one and I don't
have to cut and paste text for the body to quote or the subject line. I'm
still returnining a bunch of people's e-mails b/c they reply from a digest
and use the wrong subject line (FYI).

2. If you are using plain text, you get one long message, which I guess is
the point of digest mode anyway right? You do loose the HTML and other mime
properties of the original message but a link to that version is made

In both cases the digests are churning out way! too early. They were set to
shoot out every 30kb as there is no way to say end of day only that I saw
(mailman experts anyone?). What I have done is changed that setting to 5mb.
It defaults to sending end of day if it doesn't reach that amount, but it
will send multiples if it does. I picked this number b/c hopefully it will
reduce the # of digests sent per day but not leave people on dialup w/ a
single e-mail message that is not dealable.

I hope that this will help people to stay on the list.

I know that our list software is not the top of the line, nor the most
useable. The SC is currently paying out of pocket for our own hosting and
providership, which includes unlimited discussion lists. This is a very rare
perk for online hosting at the prices we are paying. This being said, if
anyone or any organization would like to donate space on their hosting
environment that can match our short/long term requirements we would be very
interested in talking further.

I think it was Laura Quinn who was writing about designing with limited
resources on Boxes and Arrows this recent issue. ;)

For those who communicated with me directly about the digest issue, thank
you for taking the time out to help guide the list and the community.
Everyone else, please feel encouraged to do the same.

-- dave

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